The Ultimate Pageant Interview - How to Answer Tough Questions

 Learn the Art of Answering Pageant Questions with The Ultimate Pageant Interview

Pageant Interview Questions and Answers

Pageant interviews are like a box of filled chocolate candies - You never know what you're going to get! You can study sample answers to common questions, you can memorize what you THINK you are going to say, but none of that will work unless you have built a solid foundation and a system for answering ANY pageant question or any modeling interview question that is thrown at you on stage or in the interview room.

Did you know that when I competed on Star Search, I had no idea what the host was going to ask during the interview portion until I was standing next to him on stage, being filmed in front of a live studio audience and the judges? There were no re-takes. There were no do-overs. You had one chance, and that was it. And I used the strategies I am sharing with you in this video, which led me to a perfect score and a 4-star victory! Later when I began modeling and pageant coaching, my clients had one thing in common. They all WON their interview competitions.

In this new video, I will teach you my methods of how to identify the three types of interview questions and give you proven techniques and strategies for answering each question type. Whether you are new to pageants or modeling, or if you are a seasoned pro, I hope that you will gain value from this information and incorporate it into developing your own interview technique, so that you can formulate original, unique, and well-articulated answers, and bring the success you are hoping to achieve. You can watch the video here: The Ultimate Pageant Interview

After watching, test your knowledge of pageant question types and topics with our series of mock pageant interview videos to see if you can identify each question type and how to answer them.

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