Ultimate Pageant Notebook Reviews

pageant notebook reviews

Many pageant contestants looking for advice and pageant tips rely on the reviews of titleholders, successful contestants, and pageant experts to guide them in the right direction. Since there are many preparation books and products out there for aspiring contestants, it can be time consuming to navigate all the information available about competing in beauty pageants.

We love hearing success stories from titleholders, constructive feedback on our products, and of course positive feedback from contestant and pageant experts in the field.

Expert Reviews of the Ultimate Pageant Notebook

Read what pageant experts are saying about our books:

pageant notebook reviews

“I love your products!” 
– Amaris Acosta
The Queen’s Corner Pageant Networking

“...Amazing! Something like this would be a huge asset to the girls.”
– Stephanie Piller
Ms. Galaxy International 2010
Illinois Galaxy Pageants

“Everyone in pageantry, or just getting started, you have to get this book- It is the BEST EVER!” 
– Stephanie McClain
Director, American Dream Pageants

“...A tremendous resource for every contestant.” 
– Patsy
Patsy’s Magazine

“This book is utterly fantastic.” 
– Tim Kretschmann
Host of Pageant Cast

“...A great idea and I feel a needed resource for contestants of all levels and ages.” 
- Mindy Loudermilk
Mrs. Montana United States 2010

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