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 Preparing for a Ms Pageant with The Ultimate Pageant Notebook

The Ultimate Pageant Notebook Ms Pageants

What are Ms Pageants?

Created as pageants for older women as a competition venue for those who had aged out of Miss pageants but not married, Ms pageants quickly became appealing to many types of women. Not only was the Ms category of pageants appealing to  including those who had gained experience previously as teen or miss contestants, and those who were new to pageantry.

Some older women enjoy competing in pageants and being a pageant titleholder as a way to promote their personal community platforms. Because they are older and have had more life experience, Ms pageant contestants can bring a sophisticated quality to their reign. When is comes to titleholders, you will discover many Ms Pageant queens have been developing their community platforms for their whole lives prior to competing. 

For others who have never known much about pageants before, or who may be late bloomers in life, it could be a chance to approach something new and exciting with the experience and wisdom that comes with age. Ms. pageant contestants are a vibrant and intelligent group of women, and you will likely find that you have a lot in common with the other delegates.

Appeal of Pageants for Older Women

Not only do Ms pageants provide a venue for the more seasoned older contestants to promote community platforms, they also provide fun activities and a sense of camaraderie that pageant week provides. For professional women, these types of events may provide business or networking opportunities, a place to utilize your communication or marketing skills, and an opportunity to be exposed to like-minded women and the possibility of making new friends.

Ms Pageant Requirements

Each pageant system will have its own sets of rules, but these are some guidelines that generally apply when it comes to Ms. Pageants.
Age range is 18 and over, with an upper range of senior, or with no age cap.
Delegates may be married, unmarried, divorced, widowed, or separated, with or without children.
Organizations will typically ask for proof of residency or nationality.

Notable Ms Pageant Systems

There are quite a few well known of pageant systems and multi-level contests that have become established as the most prestigious in the Mrs and Ms pageant categories. The most popular International level Ms pageants are:

  • Ms World International
  • Queen of the World
  • International Ms
  • Ms Earth

In addition, the United States hosts several national Ms. competitions. Some of them are preliminaries to the international contests, while others have state preliminaries or stand on their own as at-large national pageants. Some of the most popular U.S. National Ms. pageants are:
  • USA International
  • Ms United States
  • Ms America
  • Ms World America

Preparing for a Ms Pageant

With so many changes happening on the Miss Pageant circuit, the category of Ms Pageants is quickly being absorbed by systems that were previously exclusive to Mrs and Miss contestants. This is making the Ms category become more competitive. As Miss pageant systems have raised (or in the case of Miss Universe eliminated) the age limit, more women may find that they can compete in what used to be the "younger" pageant systems for a longer period of time. Some Ms Pageant systems also cater to married women. So while the spectrum of opportunity for potential delegates is always evolving, if you are older than 30 and unmarried, then your contestant type will still fall into the Ms category even though you may be competing in Mrs or Miss pageants.

Elements of a Ms. Pageant generally include swim or fitness wear, evening gown, and interview. There may be additional required or optional competitions, depending on the system you have entered. The best way to start is to understand all the competition categories for your pageant and prepare as best you can for each of them. For those who competed in teen or miss pageants during their youth, it can be an opportunity to revisit your love of pageantry and possibly reconnect with familiar faces from years ago.

The Ultimate Pageant Notebook - Ms Pageants

If you are an older aspiring contestant who is new to pageants and you need help with your pageant preparations, The Ultimate Pageant Notebook - Ms Pageants Edition may be a good resource for you. This mini workbook is designed to help you prepare for what to expect at beauty pageants for older women.

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