How to Prepare for a Children's Pageant

 Preparing for a Kids Pageant with the Ultimate Pageant Notebook

Ultimate Kids Pageant Notebook

Preparing for a Kids Pageant

Similar to little league sports, pageants for kids can get pretty competitive, not just among the contestants but also among parents, friends and family members. So when it comes to preparing for a kids pageant, it's good practice for a parent or guardian to act as a guide and let the contestant participate as much as possible (depending on age level) as far as input, choices, and everything that is going into preparing for the pageant competition. 

You will need to decide on wardrobe, hair and makeup styles, song selections, routines and presentation. Pageants for kids should be a fun experience for them to enjoy, and for parents to enjoy sharing with their children. Don't get discouraged if you are not the most experienced pageant family at the contest. At every pageant there will be a range of contestants from newbies to titleholders. Some of the other parents may have done pageants before and they might even appear just as polished as their kids. Sometimes younger contestants show up to a pageant with an entire entourage like a celebrity, while others are simply there with their families, having fun and possibly trying to win scholarship money.  When it comes to children's pageants, being prepared for what to expect from others is half the battle. The other half is preparing for what you are going to do yourself, as a contestant, once you are out there on the stage.

Preparing for a Childrens Pageant

It's a good idea, whenever possible, to attend a contest in person, watch as a member of the audience, and see exactly what a pageant is like from an outside perspective before choosing the type of system you would like to compete in. You could even try to attend both a natural pageant and a glitz pageant to make the comparison. Look at the costs and the prizes, figure out the time involved and whether it will be a good choice for your family. Once you have chosen a pageant system, the best way to approach it is to understand each of the competition categories and take steps to prepare for each of them.

There are pageant coaches out there who specialize in kids pageants, and that is an art in itself. By working closely with a professional kids pageant coach you can set a focus and work on the areas where your child needs the most help. If you are just getting started in pageants, The Ultimate Kids Pageant Notebook could be the initial DIY pageant preparation you need to get started with what you need to do when preparing for a pageant for children.

Types of Kids Pageants

There are many children's pageants out there, and for the most part they are divided into one of two categories: Glitz and Natural. To get an idea of what each of those pageant types are like, you can conduct an internet search of "glitz pageants" and "natural pageants" for kids. The images you find will give a good idea of what types of outfits, costumes, hair and makeup the contestants wear in both of those types of pageants.

Glitz pageants are known for elaborate costumes, glamorous hair and makeup, and fancy dresses. Glitz pageant contestants may compete in categories like fashion wear, western wear, formal wear, talent, and interview. The focus is usually on beauty, wardrobe, talent, and presentation.

Natural pageants may have requirements when it comes to hair and makeup being more "natural" and subdued. The focus of a natural pageant contest is usually on personality and presentation. Contestants may also participate in a brief pageant interview or on-stage question for finalists. Other required categories typical of natural pageants are formal wear and casual or fun fashion wear.

Both glitz and natural pageants might have both required and optional competitions for each contestant to compete in. Optional categories could include Best Smile, Best Hair, Most Program Ads sold, Talent, Costume, and the list goes on. You should decide as a family which optionals you truly want to enter to help determine your budget at the onset of your preparations. Sometimes it's better to focus on the required competition items first, then move on to optionals as a bonus if you have enough in your budget when the deadline approaches to register for those. There could be several optional categories that contestants can enter, none of which have any bearing on the final outcome of who wins the crown.

Preparing for a Kids Pageant

What can you expect at a pageant for kids?

Children's pageants are very popular in many parts of the country, but are most popular in the southern and eastern  areas of the United States. Younger contestants in these regions may be more accustomed to pageant life because of exposure to it through family members and friends. But for children who have little or no pageant experience, competing in a kids pageant can cause nervousness and in some cases anxiety. So prior to the actual competition, it can be extremely beneficial to contestants if the entire family is prepared for what to expect at a children's pageant.  

Every pageant system has its own rules, but here are some general guidelines on what to expect when competing in pageants for younger contestants.
  • Age requirements for kids range from infants (zero) up to 10, 11, or 12 years old.
  • With babies and younger toddlers, parents may appear on stage with their child.
  • Parents will have to sign an approval for anyone under 18 to compete.
  • U.S. pageants typically ask for proof of residency for state and regional titles.

Preparing your child for a Kids Pageant Competition

Kids Pageant Preparation Workbook

The Ultimate Kids Pageant Notebook

Preparing for a Kids Pageant competition might seem daunting at first, but with the right planning, organization, and commitment, you can make your dreams come true. And we can help! The Ultimate Pageant Notebook Kids Pageants Edition is designed to help you organize, practice and prepare for a pageant like a winner.

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