Ashley Melendez of Puerto Rico is the New Miss Global

 The New Miss Global is Ashley Melendez of Puerto Rico

Ashley Melendez Miss Global 2023

The Miss Global Pageant crowned a new titleholder on January 18, 2024. She is Ashley Melendez of Puerto Rico. Melendez and all the international delegates at the Miss Global 2023 pageant competed in the fields of Evening Gown, Sports Wear, Swim Wear, and Final Gown. First, the field was narrowed to the Top 20 semifinalists.

Next the Top 13 semifinalists were selected. The first 10 were determined by scores from performance in the Top 20. The next 2 were wildcard candidates selected by Fan Vote and Contestant Vote, not required to be from the Top 20. The 13th contestant was selected by the judging panel based upon a final appeal speech made to the judges by the remaining contestants from the Top 20 who had not moved on. 

This is the breakdown of the Top 13 semifinalists and how they qualified:

Top 10
South Africa
Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic

Wildcard - 2
Fan Vote - Sudan
Sisterhood Vote - Somalia

Final Appeal - 1

Next the field of delegates was narrowed to the Top 5 finalists as follows:

The final results of the 2023 Miss Global Pageant are as follows:

4RU - Vietnam
3RU - Philippines
2RU - Thailand
1RU - Samoa

And the winner is - Puerto Rico!

Ashley Melendez Miss Global

Congratulations, Ashley Melendez!

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