Pageant Preparation Books

Cherie Wimberly is the author of the Pageant U series of pageant preparation books. She has also created activity books for contestants and delegates, and a new title focused on community platforms. Access all of her book titles at the Cherie Wimberly Amazon Author Page.

Pageant Preparation Workbooks

Ultimate Pageant Notebook

Available as a printed workbook exclusively at Amazon, or as an E-book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or iBooks, the original Ultimate Pageant Notebook is a step-by-step guide designed to help contestants prepare to win a pageant.

Specialty Pageant Prep Workbooks

 Ultimate Miss Pageants Notebook

The Miss Pageants edition of the Ultimate Pageant Notebook is a mini workbook suited for contestants in pageants and preliminaries of Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Galaxy, Miss Global, Miss USA, Miss America, Miss United States, National American Miss (NAM) and other popular Miss-level beauty pageant systems. Find this printed workbook on Amazon.

The Ultimate Mrs Pageant Notebook mini workbook is a printed pageant preparation book designed for married contestants competing in pageants for married women including Mrs World, Mrs America, Mrs United States, Mrs International, Mrs Galaxy or any Mrs-level pageant system. This book is currently available on Amazon.

Ultimate Ms Pageant Notebook

The Ultimate Ms Pageant Notebook preparation workbook guides contestants through the preparation process of competing in any Ms-level competition with detailed instructions, worksheets, and tips for competing in Ms America, Ms International or any Ms Pageant system tailored to divorced, widowed, married, or previously married contestants. Find it only on Amazon.

Ultimate Teen Pageants Notebook

The Ultimate Teen Pageant Notebook is a guide for teenagers, pre-teens, and their parents to prepare for contests like Miss Teen USA, Miss America's Outstanding Teen, National America's Miss, NAM, NEM, Miss Tourism, Miss High School America, Sunburst, Cinderella Pageants, and other beauty and scholarship pageants for teens. This book is available on Amazon in printed format as a workbook.

Ultimate Kid Pageant Notebook

The Ultimate Kids Pageant Notebook is a complete workbook and guide for children and their parents to prepare for children's pageants such as NAM, Sunburst, Cinderella, Universal Royalty, and all types of glitz and natural pageant contests or scholarship pageants for kids. It is available exclusively on Amazon.

The Ultimate Guide to Pageant Platforms

The Ultimate Pageant Platform Guide contains 36 full color pages detailing the specifics of pageant platforms, community causes, and partner organizations. Learn how to develop your personal platform including: Definition of a Platform, How to Choose a Platform, Finding Partner Organizations, Volunteering Options, Fundraising Ideas, and Presenting Your Platform at a Pageant. Available as an Amazon E-book and in full-color printed book format. This beautiful book makes a great gift for pageant enthusiasts.

Pageant Activity Books

Explore our activity books for pageants designed to enhance your journey as a competitor and titleholder.

The Ultimate Pageant Snap Book

Collect personal messages and autographs from fellow contestants and delegates with The Ultimate Pageant Snap Book. It makes the perfect keepsake to remember your time at pageant week. This soft cover printed mini workbook is available only at Amazon.

The Ultimate Pageant Patterns Coloring Book

The newest addition to our line of ultimate pageant products is The Ultimate Pageant Patterns Coloring Book. With 36 pages of unique pattern designs, this soft cover full sized book makes a great gift.

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