Pageant Prep Videos

pageant interview questions

Pageant Interview Practice Questions

The Pageant Notebook YouTube Channel provides original, unique, free pageant interview practice videos to help you prepare to rock your interview competition!

Mock Panel Interview Practice for Pageants

pageant mock interviews

Need help practicing for your pageant interview? Are you  nervous about public speaking or types of questions judges ask pageant contestants? This free video series may be just what you need to polish your skills. Our free pageant questions videos have helped thousands of contestants prepare for interviews by providing a virtual interview experience. Our questions are timed as a standard panel interview with time-limit warning. Topics include the most frequently asked pageant questions and current events.

Lightning Round Pageant Questions

pageant round robin questions

Learn to think on your feet and get ready to answer pageant questions in a Flash! Our new lightning round pageant questions give you a fresh question during each short video and 30 seconds to answer. See if you have what it takes to master the Pageant Interview Lightning Round.

Stage Modeling Techniques and Practice Music

Take your performance to the next level with our stage modeling instruction videos and pageant practice music. Learn techniques used by top pageant coaches that will show you how to practice at home and create the most realistic setting to perfect your pageant walk.

Pageant News and Updates

Stay on top of pageant news to see which contestants are leading the way and earning the crown around the world. Watch preliminary recaps, follow the winners, and find out the latest trends in pageantry with exclusive headlines and updates.

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