How to Prepare for a Mrs Pageant

How to Prepare for a Mrs Pageant with the Ultimate Pageant Notebook

Mrs Pageant Notebook

What are Mrs Pageants?

Mrs pageants are pageants that were created specifically for married women to enter after becoming married and/or aged out of miss pageants. They are appealing to all types of women, including those who gained experience as teen or miss contestants, and many who are new to pageantry and heard about it from other married women involved in pageants.

Many married women find that competing in pageants and being a pageant titleholder is a great way to promote their platforms. In fact, some of the most meaningful and successful pageant platforms belong to Mrs pageant contestants because of their life experiences. When talking with Mrs pageant titleholders, you will discover many of them have been working on what is now their platform for many months, or years prior to ever competing. Typically a Mrs platform is based on one's life goals, business endeavors, or personal mission.

Mrs Pageant platforms

Appeal of Pageants for Married Women

Not only do Mrs pageants provide a venue for more seasoned, married contestants to promote their platforms, they also provide personal enjoyment and a sense of camaraderie that only attending pageant week can provide. For professionals, this type of event provides networking opportunities, a place to utilize business and marketing skills, and an opportunity to meet like-minded women with the possibility of developing new friendships.

Years ago, Mother-Daughter beauty pageants became popular for mothers with previous pageant experience to join in the fun with their daughters who were competing. However, over time the Mrs pageant circuit grew to stand on its own and produce multiple pageant systems designed with Mrs and Ms (previously married, divorced, widowed, or single) contestants in mind. As more married women became interested in pageants, the prize packages and the contests themselves grew in size and notoriety. Today there are many local, regional, state, national, and international pageant systems for married women who wish to compete.

When it comes to Mrs. pageants there are not as many contests open to contestants who are older, married, or who have been previously married, as compared to other pageant levels. However, the ones that do exist are known for a special bond of sisterhood that many married women enjoy. For those who competed in miss pageants during their youth, it can be an opportunity to revisit their love of pageantry and possibly reconnect with familiar faces from years ago.

For others who have never competed in a pageant before, or who may have been late bloomers in life, it's a chance to approach something new and exciting with the experience and wisdom that comes with adulthood. Mrs. pageant contestants are a very special and intelligent breed, and every contestant preparing for these types of pageants should approach the task with the same drive and enthusiasm as they would any business endeavor.

Preparing for a Mrs Pageant

With many of the married contestants in the pageant circuit having had a lifetime of previous experience, Mrs. pageants can sometimes become pretty competitive. So if you are planning to enter one, you should do all you can to prepare and be ready to do your best when you arrive. 

Preparing for a Mrs Pageant

Elements of a Mrs. pageant generally include swim or fitness wear, evening gown, and interview. There may be more judged events that are required or optional, depending on the pageant system you have entered. The best way to start is to understand all the competition categories for your pageant and prepare as best you can for each of them. Working with a pageant consultant or coach can help you identify areas where improvement might be needed.

Mrs Pageant Requirements

Each pageant system will have its own sets of rules, but these are some guidelines that generally apply when it comes to Mrs. pageants.

  • Age range is 18 and over, with an upper range of senior, or with no age cap.
  • Most systems require contestants to be married and not separated, with or without children.
  • Pageants will typically ask for proof of residency or nationality.

Notable Mrs Pageant Systems

There are quite a few well known of pageant systems and multi-level contests that have become established as the most prestigious in the Mrs and Ms pageant categories. The most popular International level Mrs pageants are:

  • Mrs World
  • Mrs Galaxy
  • Mrs International

In addition, the United States hosts several national Mrs. pageant competitions. Some of them are preliminaries to the international contests, while others have state preliminaries or stand on their own as at-large national pageants.

Some of the most popular U.S. National Mrs. pageants are:

  • Mrs America
  • Mrs United States
  • Ms America

If you are new to pageants and looking for help with DIY pageant preparation, The Ultimate Mrs Pageant Notebook may be a good resource for you. This mini workbook is designed to help aspiring contestants prepare for what to expect at a beauty pageant for married women.

Mrs Pageant Preparation Workbook

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