How to Prepare for a Teen Pageant

Preparing for Pageants for Teens with the Ultimate Teen Pageant Notebook

Ultimate Teen Pageant Notebook

Preparing for a Teen Pageant

Because it is a popular category, teen pageant competitions can be pretty competitive and the types of pageants available to enter vary quite a bit. So it's imperative that contestants prepare as much as possible prior to the contest. Even if you know there are only a few other entrants, or if you think it's just a "rinky-dink" pageant, you can be sure that at least some of the other contestants will be polished and ready to do their best to win the crown. So, never take your preparations for granted.

As you may have guessed, the rules and requirements for teen pageants vary quite a bit from those of Miss or Mrs. level pageants. But what you may not know is that teen and pre-teen pageants vary a great deal in style from system to system. For example, a teen Cinderella pageant looks a lot different than a Miss Teen USA or an America's Outstanding Teen, or a National American Miss pageant. They are all different. Researching your pageant system ahead of time will help you understand its style and tone. One of the ways to learn more about your pageant is to ask the director, and you can also look for online videos of past events posted by the different teen systems. Whenever possible, you should attend a contest in person to watch from the audience and see exactly what the pageant system is like from an outside perspective before choosing how you want to compete.

Teen Pageants

What are Teen pageant requirements?

Each pageant system has its own set of rules, but here are some guidelines that apply when it comes to pageants for "teenage" and pre-teen contestants.

  • Age requirements for pre-teens and teens range between 11 and 18 years old.
  • Some teen pageant systems require good grades of contestants who are students.
  • Parents will have to sign an approval for anyone under 18 to compete.
  • U.S. pageants typically ask for proof of residency for state and regional titles.

Teen pageants are very popular, and teen contestants are typically very motivated to compete, because at this age and level of competition, it is a time when many contestants first begin their endeavors in pageantry. National pageant prizes in the teen category can range from scholarship money to modeling lessons and contracts, and other attractive prizes.

Teen Pageants Preparation

Popular Teen Pageant Systems

The most popular pageants for teens are usually those that have the most to offer their future teen titleholders in terms of appearances, notoriety, and prizes. In the United States, there are a handful of pageant systems that have become trusted and established as the most recognizable contests for teens. They are:

  • Miss America's Outstanding Teen
  • National American Miss (NAM)
  • Miss Teen USA
  • Miss High School America
  • Miss Teen International

For every system named above, there are dozens more local, regional, state, and national pageants in which teenage contestants can compete. Depending on your interests and level of experience, finding a pageant, modeling, talent or photo contest to enter should be an  easy task at this age level. There are teen pageants for just about every type of personality, special interest, and talent. If you have the desire to compete in a pre-teen or teen pageant, chances are there is one taking place in your hometown.

Preparing for a Teen Pageant Competition with The Ultimate Teen Pageant Notebook

Preparing for a Teen Pageant competition might seem like a huge task at first. But with the right planning, organization, and commitment, you can make your dreams of being a teenage beauty queen come true. And we can help! The Ultimate Pageant Notebook Teen Pageants Edition is designed to help you organize, practice and prepare for a pageant like a winner.

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