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Pageant Interview Practice Questions

Experts agree, the best way to practice for a pageant interview is to do an actual interview! But how do you do that prior to the pageant? Actually there are a couple of ways. And conducting a mock pageant interview practice session is one of them.

Creating Mock Pageant Interview Videos

As a pageant judge I have conducted hundreds of interviews, and as a mock panelist for the Miss America system I saw firsthand how contestants could improve their speaking skills by attending mock interviews and practicing prior to their actual competition. 

Using my unique background in pageantry, I developed this system of pageant interview practice using a basic video template and timed questions to help contestants improve their interview skills and spontaneity by practicing in the comfort of their own space. 

Mock Pageant Interviews

How to Practice with Pageant Question and Answer Videos

By working out the kinks at home in a relaxed atmosphere, you will find that when it's time to get up and answer questions in front of the judges you will be more confident and prepared to ace your pageant interview! 

Our series of free pageant interview practice videos can help you practice in a realistic pageant interview setting. Practicing for your pageant interview using these videos will work best if you re-create the pageant interview situation you are preparing for, with as much similarity in detail as possible. 

If you are practicing for a stage interview, stand up while reading and answering the interview questions. If you are practicing for a preliminary panel or private interview with the judges, sit in front of the computer, just as you would during the panel interview, and pretend the computer screen is a pageant judge sitting right there in front of you.

Pageant Interview Questions Videos

Mock Interview Practice Can Help You Win a Pageant

Our videos provide original, unique, free mock pageant interview practice sessions to help you prepare to rock your interview competition!

But don't just take my word for it, visit the Pageant Notebook You Tube channel like hundreds of thousands of viewers have already done, and read some of the fantastic comments and reviews.

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