Miss Philippines Wins Universal Woman 2024

The New Universal Woman is Miss Philippines Maria Gigante

Miss Universal Woman Pageant 2024

The winner of the Universal Woman 2024 Pageant is Miss Philippines, Maria Gigante. Philippines won the crown after competing in the international competition in the areas of Sports wear, Evening gown, and Interview. Gigante spoke of Positive Social Change and a New Era of Beauty during her on-stage interview. There were 44 delegates from around the world who competed in this year's pageant. Meet them and see who won the preliminaries here:

Delegates received preliminary awards in several optional categories:

Preliminary Awards

China - Universal Woman Model
Colombia - Universal Woman Inspirational
Philippines - Universal Woman Social Media
Lithuania - Universal Woman Photogenic
Puerto Rico - Universal Woman Wardrobe
Philippines - Universal Woman Sympathy
Zimbabwe - Universal Woman Skin
El Salvador - Universal Woman Smile
Malaysia - Universal Woman Earth Baby Embassador
Denmark - Universal Woman Beautiful Eyes
Venezuela - Universal Woman Catwalk

Miss Philippines preliminary award

When the live competition began, the field was narrowed to the Top 24 semifinalists:

The Top 24 competed in Sports Wear. Then the Top 12 were announced:

The Top 12 competed in Evening Gown. Then came the announcement of the Final 5:

And the final results of the Top 5:

4RU - Dominican Republic
3RU - Cambodia
2RU - France
1RU - Venezuela

Congratulations to Maria Gigante, the New Universal Woman!

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