Pageant and Runway Model Walk Practice

 Learn to Practice Your Pageant and Runway Model Walk with Tips from a Top Model

Cherie Wimberly runway model

As a runway model, I have worked with hundreds of designers and walked runway stages throughout the United States and Europe. As a pageant delegate, I have made eye contact with judges from the stages of several competitions. As a coach, consultant, and pageant judge I have watched thousands of contestants perform. If there is anything I have learned, the most important aspect of pageant and runway modeling is confidence. And I am living proof.

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Growing up clumsy and awkward, it is shocking even to me that I was able to turn that clumsiness into a graceful elegant pageant and modeling walk to land as many runway modeling clients as I did over the years. For me, there was not much difference between my model walk and pageant walk other than facial expression and blocking routines. The turns, the walk, the personality - it was all very similar! And it helped me to book tons of jobs over the years.

Watch this pageant and runway modeling practice video to learn the tips and tricks I personally used to land stage modeling jobs and pageant titles.

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